Large Factory

The Factory is established on over 100,000 Sq Ft area in different buildings. We are adding more buildup area to meet the increased requirement of manufacturing and warehousing the products.

Latest Technology and Large Capacity Manufacturing Facility

We are equipped with the latest state of art injection molding machines to manufacture every size and type of products, ranging from 90-ton to 1000 tons and have the capacity to mould products from 50 gm to 9000 gm subject to restriction of size. Some of our machines are wide and two platen technologies to handle large size molds. Molding shops are equipped with every necessary auxiliary equipment necessary for injection molding. The company uses the latest technology for its manufacturing process to ensure desired quality of its products and upgrades from time to time. Should it require, we can handle Gas Assisted Injection Molding for components having such requirement.

The company has also installed single and double stage blow moulding machines to manufacture PET/ PP/ Triton/ PC Bottles, Jars, Containers and other blow moulded products.

All these machines are of world reputed makes, such as HUSKY, ASB, WINDSOR, HAITIAN, TOSHIBA etc.

Technical, R&D, Product Development

We are equipped with strong quality control system backed by technical and professionally qualified people with long experience.

The company intends to strengthen its Product Development with latest equipment, such as 3D Printing in the near future.

Professional and qualified manpower: Professionals having long experience in their respective domain and command over the subject are engaged to carry out activities across the supply chain including R&D.