Empowering Safety: Our National Safety Week ’23 Celebrations


We are glad to have celebrated National Safety Week from 4th March 2023 in our organization this year too.

Throughout the week, we organized a series of events aimed at promoting a culture of safety. On the inaugural day, every employee took the oath to follow safe practices at workplace, on the road, at home and at all other places. Our employees actively participated in training sessions, safety quizzes, debate & drawing competitions, and interactive workshops, where they learned about best practices and strategies for staying safe on the job. We also organized a session for the family members of our employees, aimed at making them aware of the safe practices being followed by the company for their well-being.

The active participation of our employees and their families helped us foster a culture of safety in the workplace. We remain committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, and we look forward to continuing to promote safety in all that we do.

As a part of our commitment to safety, we appointed two employees as safety ambassadors. They will help us identify and address any unsafe practices in the workplace. We thank everyone who participated and helped to make this year’s National Safety Week a success.

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