Harmony and Devotion: Ankur Family Celebrates Ram Lalla Puja

The festive spirit of “Ram Lala Puja” was joyously celebrated in Ankur’s family on 22 January 2024 at our Somnathpur unit, creating a wonderful atmosphere of spiritual devotion. This celebration was dedicated to Lord Rama. The Managing Director of Ankur graciously hosted the Ram Lala Puja, fostering a sense of reverence and unity within our Ankur family.

The event marked a beautiful confluence of faith and togetherness as everyone gathered to pray to Lord Rama. The Managing Director’s thoughtful initiative to host the puja not only reflects the company’s commitment to cultural traditions but also underscores the importance of unity and spiritual values within the Ankur family. The celebration not only strengthens the bond among team members but also enriches the work environment with shared cultural experiences, fostering a sense of harmony and inclusivity.

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