Recognizing Excellence during National Productivity Week

On February 12, 2024, the Ankur Family celebrated National Productivity Week from 12th February to 19th February, highlighting the heartfelt felicitation of our Managing Director by dedicated staff members in our Ganeswarpur unit. This moment underscored collective appreciation for the unwavering commitment and hard work within the Ankur Family. The festive atmosphere continued as the Hon’ble MD personally recognized and commended employees for their exceptional efforts, fostering camaraderie.

The week-long celebration started with hoisting of the productivity flag followed by various productivity awareness campaigns, workshops and programs pertaining to productivity throughout the week. These programs included engaging competitions such as poster design, slogan creation, speeches, and suggestions, injecting vibrancy into the workplace. These events showcased team creativity and served as catalysts for motivation. The National Productivity Week celebration exemplified Ankur Family’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing the achievements of its dedicated members.

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